Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mary as Advocate

To the Most High God
by Whom you are so blest
intercede for us sinners
that we may not be put to the test
for the King will not refuse you
from Scripture that we know
a word from your mouth
uttered in His ear
calls Mercy down upon us
so that to Him we may draw near
for our sins defile us
our imperfections blight our souls
but your presence with us
before His throne
casts favor upon us
in the shadow of your own

A Poem

In the beginning
there was thine
as a thought eternal
in His mind
Though you were yet
to be conceived
when thou was destined
to be the New Eve
A mystery thou art
God's secret unveiled in part
A luminous figure
standing in the sky
telling the world
to return to the Most High